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If you’re currently having a dental emergency, call us anytime at 1.313.512.5700. Whatever your dental needs, Dr. Kristen Schotthoefer and her caring team are available to help you with all of your dental emergencies. Prompt treatment is almost always required to alleviate pain and to ensure the teeth have the best possible chance of survival. In most cases, Dr. Schotthoefer will accommodate walk-in appointments or offer a same-day appointment to help you.

Being a mom herself, Dr. Schotthoefer is a natural fit for children’s dentistry. The office has a special children’s corner, parents are welcome chairside, and her entire professional team is trained in the special needs of pediatric procedures. We welcome your entire family into our care!

Restore your smile! And enjoy your  smile again by replacing missing or broken teeth. Dr. Schotthoefer aligns teeth using Invisalign, repairs them through restorations, or a combination of both as needed.

At Inspired Family Dental Care we work hard to provide the services many people need all under one roof. Dr. Schotthoefer spends hours in advanced dental education with Spear each year. Her experience helps eliminate the need to find a specialist for each dental service. We cherish the trust you put in us and strive to provide the best possible care for you and your family.

Common dental emergencies we treat in our office are: tooth knocked out, fractured tooth or filling, persistent tooth pain (longer than a day or two), and infection. When you encounter a dental emergency, call our office right away. If there is no answer, follow the emergency instructions on the voice mail for a call back. If your situation is severe and outside of business hours, you may need to seek medical help by calling your physician or visiting the nearest urgent care or emergency room.

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